Rhino Trekking in Uganda

ziwa rhino trekking-Uganda

Ziwa rhino and wildlife Ranch is the home of wild Rhinos in Uganda. The ranch was as a result of the Rhino re-introduction project by Rhino Fund Uganda and the Uganda wildlife authority.

Located in Nakasongola on 7 Hectares of land, the ranch is the only place in Uganda with white rhinos. It is home to twenty two southern white rhinos. This has attracted a large number of tourists who come for activities like Rhino trekking, Shoebill trek and canoe ride, Birding, nature walk and night walk.

A baby Rhino with her mother enjoying a walk at the sanctuary in Ziwa

A baby Rhino with her mother enjoying a walk at the sanctuary in Ziwa

`How to get here

One can get to the ranch by road. It is located 176km (100 miles) north of Kampala on the Gulu highway towards Murchison Falls (branch off at Nakitoma trading centre)

Rhino trekking

This is done on foot with well trained rangers to guide you through the bush to the rhinos. While here, one can get an opportunity to see the magnificent white rhinos. It’s not necessary to drive to where the rhinos are since they roam around freely. However, if one prefers driving, a car and driver can be from Rhino Fund Uganda

The recommended visiting hours are from 08H00-10H00 and 16H00-18H00. Visitors are given a time frame of one and a half hours to two and a half hours with the rhinos depending on their location.

Shoebill trek and canoe ride

white rhinoceros at ziwa

white rhinoceros at ziwa

Ziwa ranch is one of a few places in Uganda where one is guaranteed of seeing the shoebill. This particular activity starts from 6:00am with the shoebill trek and later on a canoe ride through Lugogo swamp. The recommended time for this activity s 06H00-10H00 and takes approximately four hours.

Birding walk

With over 300 bird species, the ranch has four bird trails within which covers woodlands, swamp and savannah. The best times for birding at the sanctuary are 07H00 to 09H00 and 16H00 to 18H00 with the help of a guide.

Nature walk

This is done with the supervision of a guide who takes you on a walk through the bush. The best time for this activity is between 07H30 to 16H30 for a two hour trail.

Night walk

This is also done under the supervision of a guide who takes you through the sights of nocturnal animals from between 20H30 to 23H00 for a period of two hours.

Other activities that are done at the ranch include animal rehabilitation. Animals, reptiles and birds that are injured or abandoned are taken care of and released back into the wild.

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