Nakayima tree

Nakayima tree

Nakayima tree is one of the oldest trees found in Mubende district on Mubende hill central region of Uganda west of Kampala city.  This tree is a cultural heritage where the locals still go to practice their traditional beliefs.

Nakayima tree is said to have been named after the princess Nakayima who is said to have disappeared in the tree and the tree is believed to be important and sacred. People come on this tree and appeal to the spirits for miracles and also seek for needs.

The tree is estimated to have over 650 years and it claimed to have been planted by Nakayima and that she was a wife to the Chwezi ruler Ndahura who had settled on the hill for many years before handing over ownership to his son known as Wamala. The tree is claimed to have existed for many years because it held the spirit of Ndahura and it doesn’t shed its leaves even in its driest seasons. It is also said that it has water that comes from its stems which is also a cure when people drink it a adjacent to the roots there is fire which burns at all times

Nakayima is believed not only to be the Keeper of the tree but also the Medium through which the spirit of Ndahura (god of small pox) used to communicate. It is told that Nakayima had the powers to cure people suffering from small pox and even the diseases that all other traditionalists had failed to cure and also would bless barren women with children.

Nakayima tree has 18 compartments where the four rooms are for Ndahura who was the King of Chwezi Empire where all the 18 rooms are carpeted with grass and in one of the rooms sits one of the caretakers with a basket for offertory where after giving an offer the care taker says a prayer for you. All residents near the tree believe to be children of Nakayima

The fact that this tree comes from the gods as it is believed to be and it is a worship center where a lot of herbalists gather to pray for whatever they want the gods to grant them. The tree has other rooms of apart from the four rooms of Ndhura, two are for Jajja Musoke and Kilinda, and some are for Nnalongo Jajja Mukasa

Nakayima tree is located on Mubende hill and it offers an excellent view of town and the surrounding areas. It is 4kilometers from Mubende town

Mubende town is 3hours and 15minutes to the hill from Kampala town along Kampala – fort portal highway

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