Lake mburo national park ; Located in Nyabushonzi county in Kiruhura district which is near Mbarara district, Lake Mburo is a protected area considered as a lion conservation Unit since the year 2005. Lake Mburo sits in the Western Uganda 240km from Kampala and 30km from Mbarara.Lake Mburo is also the closest park from the capital city of Uganda,Kampala.Lake Mburo sits on approximately 370 square kilometres including the 5 lakes.

Lake Mburo is also blessed with a variety of Wildlife species like the Zebras, antelops, Oribis, elands, water bucks,giraffes, bufallos, hoppos and crocodiles too. Lake Mburo is also a home to over 350 bird species some which include water birds, savannah birds and also the forest birds.

                                       ACTIVITIES IN LAKE MBURO NATIONAL PARK

Lake Mburo has a variety of activities that range from land to water. Activities at Lake Mburo national park include;

Game drives that give visitors a variety of wildlife to see, the game drives can either be done in the morning or evening. During the game drive, antelops, bufallos, giraffes, Oribis, waterbucks, zebras, topis, warthogs can be viewed chilling in the wilderness as they pose for great photos that help one create memories about the safari.

Boat cruise on lake Mburo. Lake Mburo harbours Hippos, crocodiles, otters and a variety of birds along the banks. It gives you an epic encounter with the flora and fauna of the lake. Birds like the shoebill, malachite kingfishers,African Fish Eagles, Pelicans, rufuos long tailed starlings, the pied kingfishers, hammerkobs and also the cormorants.

Birding in Lake Mburo national park gives the viewers alot of choice of birds to see. The best birding spots in Lake Mburo National Park include the swampy valleys of Miriti, the roadsides between Rwonyo camp and the jetty and alos Warukiri. At the salt lick, in Miriti valley and Rubanga forest there are slatted viewing platforms for the tourists, this gives them a great chance to view mostly the Rufuos-bellied Heron, Bateleur,Brown chested Lapwing, Bare-faced-Go-Away-bird, Grey Crowned Crane and many more birds along the viewing spots.In Rubanga forest is a real spot for vibrant birders and can be accessed by vehicle or on foot. This must be an early arrangement done by the birders and the warden.

Other activities done at Lake Mburo national park are; Nature walks,Fishing, horse riding, cultural tours and cycling.

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