3 Days lake Albert and Hoima tour

Destination Overview

3 Days lake Albert and Hoima tour: Lake Albert also known as Mwitanzige (locusts’ killer) and formerly Lake Mobutu Sese Seko is Africa’s seventh largest lake and the second biggest lake in Uganda. It is 160Kms long with a maximum width of 30Kms and maximum depth of 51 meters and 619 meters above sea level. This saline lake is located on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its main source is the Victoria Nile which comes from Lake Victoria and Semliki river which originates from Lake Edward in the southwest.


Lake Albert is home to a number of both aquatic and non-aquatic animals like the Uganda Kobs, Hippos, antelopes, African soft shell turtles, Nile crocodiles, snakes and frogs and various bird species like the Pelicans, Herons and the shoebill.

Oil findings have been traced in the lake basin by major oil companies Heritage oil and Tullow Oil with estimates that the multi-billion-barrel field will be the largest onshore oil field in Sub-Saharan Africa for a long time making Hoima a future economic hub as well as a vibrant tourist destination.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Lake Albert and Butiaba fishing village
  • Visit Katasiha Fort and caves
  • Visit Kabwoya Wildlife reserve
  • Visit Kibiro hotsprings
  • Visit Mparo tombs and Bunyoro Kingdom palace

Day 1: Travel to Hoima and tour Lake Albert (travel time 4 hours)

This journey begins from Kampala, drive for about 4 hours to Hoima town with a stop over mid way for highway photography. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and have lunch then later head to Butiaba landing site.

Butiaba fishing village is found along the banks of Lake Albert where the remains of the wrecked SS Robert Coryndon steamer are believed to have submerged, it is said that either this ship shuttled in 1962 during the 1962 floods or sank in 1964. Get to see standard fishing methods, preservation methods used here and how the community benefits from this activity.

Lake Albert has over 55 fish species including the Nile Perch, catfish, Nile Tilapia, Albert late and the Niger barb. About 30% of fish production in Uganda originates from Lake Albert.

Visit Kibiro salt garden another hot spring whose water boils at 100 degrees and is believed to have healing properties. Boil eggs, potatoes and vegetables from here and eat them. The water from here flows and pours into Lake Albert from the west.

Day 2: Visit  Fort and Caves, Mparo tombs and Bunyoro royal palace

Begin the day early after breakfast with whole day excursions, there will be a lunch break in the day. Photography at every site visited and thereafter return to your hotel for rest and overnight stay with same arrangement as day before.

The Katasiha Fort and caves

The Katasiha Fort and caves are about 3 kilometers from Hoima town along the Hoima-Biiso-Butiaba road inside Miika Eco resort. It was constructed by Omukama Kabalega the King of Bunyoro in 1894 as a hiding place and defense point after he abandoned his palace at Mparo as he resisted the British colonial rule making the caves a great historical importance to the Banyoro. River Bigajuuka which was before the fort was used extensively as a defense line before getting to the King’s army.

Mparo tombs

Visit Mparo tombs with an expert tour guide to see where Omukama Kabalega was laid to rest in 1923, it had been named the capital of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in 1872, the tombs are located 4km from Hoima town along Masindi road and are of great historical importance to Bunyoro kingdom.

Bunyoro Kingdom Royal Palace

Take a cultural tour around Bunyoro kingdom and learn about the beliefs and customs here, visit the royal palace where the Omukama sits and while here, see the traditional nine legged throne embedded in leopard skin. Also visit the community and know about the lifestyle and food of the Banyoro.

St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Visit the famous church located 2km from Hoima town along Butiaba. The church is a beautiful serene site especially in the morning, do not miss the Sunday services.

Day 3: Visit Kabwoya Wildlife reserve and travel back to Kampala

After breakfast, drive to Kabwoya wildlife reserve for a tour, return to hotel for lunch then check out and start your journey back to Kampala.

Kabwoya Wildlife reserve

This reserve stretches from Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in south western Uganda to Murchison Falls National Park in North Western Uganda. It used to be a remotely controlled hunting ground with numerous wildlife species which were unfortunately wiped out due to the high rates of poaching. The area then became a grazing ground for the community cattle keepers which practice eventually drove away the few wildlife that were left at the reserve.

In 1980, the Ugandan government gazetted the reserve and declared it a wildlife reserve in 2002. Animals like Buffalos, Baboons, Chimpanzees, black and white colombus monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Antelopes and many more were re–introduced to the reserve by the Uganda Wildlife Authority which move helped it gain some popularity. The reserve is also home to over 400 bird species including the dwarf honey guide, strange weaver, blue headed sunbird, grauer’s warbler, yellow-eyed black fletcher and many more.

It takes at least 4 hours to get here from Kampala along Kampala-Hoima road, 2 hours’ drive from Masindi town, 4 hours’ drive from Murchison Falls National Park and 5 hours’ drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park. While at the reserve, engage in activities like cycling, fossil hunting, quad biking, horseback riding, nature walks, birding and game drives.

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  • Visit mentioned sites
  • Meals and bottled mineral water
  • Expert tour guides
  • Professional photography

Excursion exclusions;

  • Visa fees, international flights, personal insurance
  • Phone bills, tips, laundry services and other personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks and extra activities outside the itinerary

Optional activities: Visit river Semiliki, Visit Murchison falls


  1. https://www.mia.go.ug/directorate/directorate-citizenship-and-immigration-control
  2. Country health status: There is no disease out break 

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