Kagulu hill

Kagulu hill Kagulu hill or rock is located in the Eastern region of Uganda. It sits in Buyende District. It is about 42kms to the south of Kamuli district, a few km from jinja, Bugabula sub-county until you reach Kagulu…

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Smallest church in Africa

Smallest church in Africa / Chapel in  biku hill Did you know Uganda has the smallest church in Africa? Smallest church in Africa : Located on Biku hill is the smallest church in Africa 18km away from Nebbi town. It…

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Nyero Rock painting

Nyero Rock painting Nyero rock paint is loacted in the eastern part of Uganda. It sits in Kumi District. Kumi district neighbours districts of Mbale, Soroti and Bukedea. They are 8kms out of Kumi town. They Nyero Rock Paintings are…

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The Banyole people of Uganda

  The banyole people of Uganda The Banyole  people of Uganda are among the minor tribes in Uganda. They speak Lunyole and they are also called Abalya Lwooba which means mushroom eaters because they love eating Mushrooms. The Banyole are…

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The Toro/Batoro of Uganda

THE TORO/BATORO OF UGANDA Who are the Tooro people? The Tooro(singular: Mutooro, plural: Batooro, Language: kitooro are an inter-lacustrine Bantu-speaking people who occupy the region between Lakes Albert and Edward and bordered on the west by mountain Rwenzori in southwestern…

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The Karamojong of Uganda

The Karamojong of Uganda The Karamojong of uganda are a Nilotic ethnic group found in the southern region of north-eastern Uganda. They speak an eastern Nilotic- language which is part of the Nilo-Saharan group. The Karamojong are a largest cluster…

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The Basongora culture

The basongora culture The basongora culture : Basongora  are a minority group known as the Bahuma, Bacwezi who speak Rusongora language which is similar to Rutoro and Runyankole and they are found in Kaseese  western Uganda The Basongora are mixed…

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The madi people

The madi people The madi people stretch from areas of Nimule which is at the Uganda-South Sudan boarder in the north and ascends low the north to Nyolo River. They sit in the county of Pageri in the Southern Sudan.…

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The batwa of uganda

The batwa of uganda The Batwa (Mutwa: singular) are pygmies who are an endangered group found around Echuya forest reserve in Kisoro district and Kabale district in South-Western Uganda. They are short people with an average height of four feet…

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